Why We Should Be Concerned About the Cost of Energy.

energy costs

Today, Eversource has announced a 19.1% increase in the cost of energy being delivered to their customers. When is the last time you have seen a 20% increase in one fell swoop for anything? And recent history shows that as the cost of the energy goes, so goes the delivery cost.


But, don’t be quick to blame Eversource. They are simply passing on the costs that are being forced on them from the available source of the generated power.

Haven’t we been told that with the increase in solar and wind power, we would realize a savings in cost of electricity? Or at least mediate the increase that would be driven by higher fuel costs? The residents of Germany and France were told the same thing, however, their cost of energy has more than tripled since they eagerly adopted alternative source power.


Energy in the US will continue to increase at an astronomical rate over the next few years. There is a price to pay when we seek the expensive alternative sources of energy, or for personal reasons, groups block the delivery of more affordable sources of fuel.

You can expect to see your .15 to .20 current cost per kWh for electricity to be .40 to.50 in the not too distant future. For certain it will not stay steady or decrease.


What to do?


Obviously, you must decrease use to help maintain budgets. You can realize the greatest decrease in power consumption, sometimes by as much as 75%, when you remove old inefficient lighting fixtures. Today’s Solid State lighting luminaires offer the greatest return of any business investment. And it is not just an energy savings your business will realize. Your maintenance cost for lighting disappears with an LFL upgrade because we give our customers a 5 year service and product warranty.


The entire process to upgrade your facility can take 4-6 months once you decide to move forward. Every month you wait means you are paying an expense that need not be paid.


In some cases, if you wait a year or a year and a half, you will have paid for the upgrade with high energy costs and still be fixing the old fixtures and still have employees with sub-par performance while working under the old fixtures.

Act now before the shorter days and lighting season is on us again and your loss becomes even greater.



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