When Light Is Toxic, People Suffer

And when people working in your company suffer the company suffers.

This may be the first time you have heard that light is toxic.  We heard this recently from the lighting experts at Philips Lighting Institute and it is consistent with everything we are learning about lighting in today’s commercial and industrial spaces.

Inefficient old lighting technologies, like fluorescent tubes, are toxic to humans.  There are short term effects that you can see every day as well as long-term effects.

In the short-term, light absorbed by humans at the wrong wavelength will cause a decrease in productivity, discomfort throughout the day and an increase in emotional stress. Just to name a few maladies. The long-term exposure to improper lighting causes recurring headaches, seizures, skin cancer, cataracts, premature aging and many more health problems we are learning more about from new studies.

If you follow the information we provide about solid state lighting or review information on our website www.lumensforless.com we direct you to various studies over the past few years regarding the impact lighting has on humans and our circadian rhythms. The facts are indisputable. If it’s not natural light or at least simulating natural light, it’s not good. Not only is it detrimental to the health and well-being of your team but it places a hidden crunch on your business.

Not all light is toxic.  Light at the correct tuned wavelength like infrared and near-infrared are proving to offer revolutionary healing effects.   Standard everyday light at the right spectrum seems miraculous. We have personally experienced the improvement in our environment where we use solid state lighting exclusively.  We have our lighting tuned to provide the same light as natural light and we are alert, rested and healthier.

If you can influence the lighting decision at your place of businessthan you owe it to the team to change the facilities to LED lighting.  There is absolutely no legitimate reason why a company would hesitate today to upgrade to modern lighting.  We have heard every excuse in the book and none of them hold water. 

Excuses like, either it is too expensive, or we want to wait until the technology gets better, or we just don’t have the cash right now, or we are investing in growing our business and more.  None of the reasons are legit.  It costs nothing to upgrade a facility, the savings in energy alone covers the cost very quickly.  The technology is so good right now that waiting for improvements is like saying” I am not going to buy that new TV or computer because I want to wait until they make one with better technology.” Does that make sense? 

If you have a legitimate excuse not to upgrade to LED lighting than you are the first.  Because, there are no legitimate excuses not to upgrade.

If you are the decision maker and you are hesitating, you are making a conscious decision to allow your employees to perform at less than their best.  You probably can’t see the impact, but it is happening.  The only way you are going to see it is when you do the right thing and illuminate employees’ work space with the correct light.

The correct Luminaire for employees is one that provides natural light that is tunable.  The correct Luminaire for employees is the one that the users in a workspace can adjust to their comfort level at any time during the day. The correct Luminaire is the one that makes employees more productive, happier and healthier.

The correct Luminaire for your company is the one that is so efficient the installed cost is paid for in less than two years or if it is a network system possibly in less than one year.  The correct luminaire is the one that attracts the top-level employees who insist on a controlled atmosphere and are knowledgeable about technology.  Ever hire a key high-level person that is fine with working in an office with no windows and poor lighting? 

With the right luminaire you can provide natural light matching sunlight throughout the day. Windowless rooms no longer must have dungeon like ambient lighting so common with old technology.

As the decision maker it is your responsibility to invest in new technology and infrastructure to make the business prosper.  And if you think upgrading heating systems and chillers and furniture should take priority over lighting you are out of touch with lighting technology.  Nothing, absolutely nothing, can have a more dramatic impact on the business than networked tunable lighting. There isn’t another investment that can have such a dramatic impact on the success of the business than improving working conditions for your team.

When you realize what you may have been missing out on give us a call and we will be glad to walk you through this new technology, known as tunable BLE Mesh lighting.  Once the upgrade is complete you will feel like a new person, along with everyone else in the company.  You won’t know what to do with this new power at your fingertips.  Hopefully you have some topnotch expertsworking in the company that will fully exploit the potential of the great new tool that is tunable lighting.

Lumens for Less, Inc. offers a complete line of the newest generation of solid-state lighting using BLE Mesh.  We also survey your business and offer a complete design service targeting all areas including task lighting. We purchase luminaires and sensors factory direct, right from the manufacturer and pass the savings on to you.  Not only do we offer a full line of interior and exterior Luminaires but have a very nice line of motion activated Solar lights and poles that are great for pathways or areas where it is difficult to provide power.  

After completing surveys, designs and the proposal we prepare the necessary paperwork to process utility rebates.  We sell you lighting and controls at wholesale pricing and then assist in qualifying electricians for installation.  During installation we help coordinate the installation and file all final paperwork required.

Contacts us anytime we are glad to help.