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Lumens For Less wants to be your solid state lighting consultant. Our expertise will can make us a solid member of your team. Whether you are looking for an entire retrofit of your business or just one area we are glad to look it over and make suggestions and proposals.

Solid State Lighting options are constantly changing with new luminaires, new sensors and controls and new adjustable color temperatures. We can install lights where you can control the brightness and the color temperature to compliment the setting. For example first thing in the morning you may choose full light and 5000K to get things going. Later in the day you may want to dim the light depending on activity or you may want warmer light so you change to 4000K or 3000K or some level in between.

Soon we will be offering controls that will automatically change the light to match what the sun is doing, the ultimate in Circadian Rhythm lighting.

In warehouse and factory space there is a challenge with old lighting technology to illuminate without creating dark spots and l shadowed areas. Light levels can be made bright and consistent with Linear Luminaires. The LFL L4 Linear light does a great job at saving energy use and distributing light to areas that are tough to light like between tall rows of shelving.

Want to talk about the health benefits of LED light? We can tell you about new study’s that are coming out frequently with real facts behind them proving the unexpected benefits of LED.

Want to talk about lighting for Horticulture. This is a fast growing segment and the results are amazing. Stop growing in weedy buggy soil and more your vegetable garden indoors and realize a 43% increase in production.

Having a problem with flying insects around your lights. Call us we can provide outdoor LED lights that will reduce insects by 80%.

How about solar lighting? We have LED solar lights that are self-contained with solar panels and batteries that last three nights on one day’s charge.

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