Complimentary Lighting Analysis

Lumens For Less is a full service LED lighting company.  We only sell and service LED lighting so we are 100% focused on the industry as a whole.

By "full service" we don’t just mean that we come to your facility to survey your existing lights and your energy usage.  We are also checking all factors that impact your business from a lighting perspective.  We don't just provide you a proposal showing replacement of your current fixtures and how much energy you will save.  We analyze the light levels throughout your business and do a design with the new lights and the foot candles levels that will result.  In fact, we are so concentrated on getting your lighting correct that our proposals always show more proposed fixtures than the existing layout.

5 Year Full Service Warranty

LFLs service includes complete product and installation warranty.

 If a light fails we replace it.  

No cost to you for 5 years.

Photometric Plans

Lumens will come to your place of business and analyze your existing lighting to help us provide you with the best lighting possible, achieving our guarantee of “No Dark Spots.” We are not looking to simply replace existing fluorescent tubes with LEDs, we are your lighting specialists and will work with you to upgrade your existing lighting to provide the impact that will make you and your customers say “WOW!” This may include: replacing existing fixtures with brand new LED luminaries, adding new fixtures to achieve the desired foot candles necessary or designing an entirely new fixture that will specifically meet the needs of your business.

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Bluetooth Mesh

As we continue to be on the cutting edge of the industry - we are now offering full Bluetooth Mesh networked lighting.

Dynamic Lighting

Human Centric Lighting is here and it will have an immediate impact on the health and productivity of your employees.


Modern Lighting

These capabilities should be standard in any proposal you receive - contact us today to see how simple it is to take advantage of the newest generation of Solid State Lighting