Newest Generation of LED Lighting
How To Choose The Right Luminaires

If you are considering a solid state lighting upgrade for your business and have decided to do some research on what products to use you may be overwhelmed with the options.

They may all look pretty much the same to you so you are thinking that all you need do is decide what wattage you need and how much you will need to spend.

Wait a minute, “What wattage do I need?”  is a tough question to answer. 

“How much will I spend” requires a lot of figuring to get a true meaningful number.

Maybe you will find some companies that will say their 200w fixture is equal to a 400w metal halide in light output.  Or maybe you are looking at page after page of technical specifications telling you how many foot candles the light emits.  Or maybe somebody is offering an LED fixture that looks a lot like your existing old technology fixture.Even worse is to consider just replacing the lighting component in your old fixture thinking you will save a lot that way.

Some suppliers will tell you that you can get their fixture for X dollars being X dollars less than what it was just a month ago. But they won’t tell you they are discounting the fixture because it has been replaced by a newer generation light so forget warranty.

When you are expecting a light to service your business for 10 years it is probably best to go with the newest technology.  Remember the newest technology is always the best……providing it passes the Lumens For Less test and is backed by the best warranty in the industry.

Lumens For Less feels that buying luminaires online for a complete solid state lighting upgrade is not the best approach to take. Asking your electrician to offer what the local electrical supply house doesn’t give you the newest generation of LED lighting and there are many other important specifications to consider that are only available in technical reports.

Rather than boring information about capacitors, binning, MacAdam Ellipse, chip packaging, flip chips, current vs voltage and so on, let us give you a brief review of our process in choosing the right Luminaire for your business.

Lumens For Less has tested 100’s of different LED luminaires and components. From these we offer and install only 10 different luminaires designed with components that we specify.

Our testing can take a few days or a few months providing the information we need to stand behind the product with our industry exclusive warranty.  When we test a new product, we first do a “buy test” to be sure our minimum standards are met and then we buy a few samples of the product.  Our team completely disassembles one product and inspects all components and assembly methods.  Checking things likesoldering, component array, parts certification, are the chips as specified, are nuts, bolts, tapings and so on to our standard.  Is wire properly rated? Is the finish top of the line?

We are looking for anything that will impact the lightings long term performance and appearance.  Is the driver a brand name or is it the company’s proprietary driver? What dimming architecture is used and which sensors are compatible? At the same time, we install the sample light and do not shut it off for an extended period. Or maybe we turn it off and on 50 times a day. We ask questions like is the chip showing phantom shadowing? Is the PMMA light guide panel clear and crisp and do the chips align with the panel? The list is extensive and many products end up not being used in our projects.

We also investigate the supplier.  Are we getting a good warranty? Is the company backed by the Trade Assurance we require? Can they supply recommendations from satisfied customers?  Can we meet them at Trade shows to learn their company philosophy? Are they responsive to our needs and is there a team dedicated to our satisfaction?  In short do we want to partner with the supplier.

Before we choose the right Luminaires to be used for a project we spend time evaluating the existing lighting at your facility to determine where it is lacking, where it is excessive or where it is causing problems for employees and customers. Problems like UV exposure and excessive flicker.  Problems like employees turning off all lights and bringing their favorite lamp to the office. Problems like overloaded circuit breakers and panel boxes. Problems like lights being on and no one is using them.  Problems like handling and packaging errors because the light levels are too low.  Problems like employees seeming fatigued when they shouldn’t be. Problems like vacant space because of poor lighting. We spend a lot of time being sure we choose the right Luminaires for your business.

Unless you are a lighting professional or willing to invest considerable time to learn the technology you cannot choose the best lighting array for your business.  If you think luminaire cost plays the most important role you are incorrect. 

Cost is one of the last factors to consider.  Because solid state lighting, when designed and installed properly, with the right warranty, cost you nothing. Sure, there is an initial small cost but it replaces the outrageous monthly cost you pay now and get nothing for, except more problems.The newest generation of solid state lighting will make your business operate better.  These Luminaires will make your customers do more business with you and they will make you and your employees more satisfied.

A lot goes into choosing the right Luminaire for your business!

Lumens For Less promises “As your LED consultant we promise to make your business a modern facility with the newest generation of lighting….no dark spots….no surprises….we are committed to make you, your employees and customers say WOW!

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