Can a Lightbulb Change Your Business?

For the Fenton Family Dealerships, LED lighting not only improved illumination in their sales lots, thereby increasing night time shopping, it helped stop after hours theft saving thousands of dollars in stolen tires and wheels.

The Fenton Family Dealerships are 5 new car dealerships in Southern NH. Their Toyota, Volvo and Honda dealerships encompassing one very large sales lot. Lumens For Less retrofitted all sales lot lights, increasing average foot candle levels from 5-10 to an average of 20-25. One corner of the lot has access through the woods and a ring of car thief’s were helping themselves to tires and wheels. The area was too dark for their security cameras to record the activity. They could not add another light because the nearest pole was 100 feet from the corner. Lumens For Less installed four specially designed lens lights that completely illuminated the area. And because all exterior lights are on motion sensors, if any back area of the sales lot had a light on late at night it would signal local police to check it out. All theft stopped.


Hannah Grimes Center for Entrepreneurship

The people at the Hannah Grimes Business center planned a new facility where small businesses could meet and collaborate on ideas, systems markets and so on.  They wanted to create an inspiring space that would energize people and help them develop a modern business consistent with what many of today’s entrepreneurs like.

By installing our L4 Phantom up down light we not only lit the area well part of the ambient spirit, but we also gave them the option to dim lights at pre-set levels and even better, the ability to change the CCT of the light from a cool 5000K business atmosphere to a warm 3000K with just a flick of the switch. We also designed the lights to shine some of the light on the ceiling to make the structure of the building become part of the ambient spirit.  


Solid State Lighting Upgrade at Home Health Care and Hospice

Home Health Care and Hospice was challenged with high energy costs for lighting and light levels that were uncomfortable to many office workers. LFL removed all existing lights and installed new solid state luminaires.
First, we addressed the issues of poor fluorescent lighting in multiple work stations and offices.  By installing our unique step dimming 2’ x 2’ flat panel led light and using a warmer color temperature, employees are able to set their individual lights at 100% power, 50% power or 10% power.  With these options, they were able to eliminate the many desk lamps brought from home and have much better light levels for tasks.

The conference room had 5 old large fluorescent fixtures, using over 300 watts of power, designed to shine some lights up and some down.  LFL installed the newest generation of up/down LED light.  This 1’ x 4’ luminaire has a clear lens that directs light up and down and looks very sleek.  Being able to dim the lights, depending on the activity in the room, made for a completely new experience for the user and eliminated the anxiety created by fluorescent lights. The old lights were using 1500 watts of power. The new LFL panel lights use 200 watts total. A fantastic energy savings for a room that now has great light with adjustable levels of brightness, creating either an energized or a relaxed work space.



Quiet Logistics in Devens, MA contracted Lumens For Less to install new lighting in their 435,000 sf facility.

The first challenge was to plan how to install lights in a building with a 35’ ceiling height and be able to work around employees, high shelving, robots, work tables, inventory and just about any other thing that could be in the way.  LFL met this challenge by bringing three lifts to the site, two scissor lifts and an articulating boom lift.  Next, the challenge was to install lights quickly so as not to be interrupting Quiet’s day to day activities too much. And then there was the challenge to illuminate dark rows between shelving.





These before and after pictures show the challenge of lighting between narrow high rows of shelves.  With the LFL L4 Linear we direct light right where it is needed.  The unique installation system we use with our L4 Linear light allows us to install lights directly over areas needing light.  And should Quiet Logistics need to rearrange shelving, it is a simple task for LFL to move the lighting arrays to the new locations.

As you can see from this picture at the beginning of the install the LED L4 light created much better light levels

Quiet Logistics decreased energy consumption from an estimated 821,194 kWh to 337,636 kWh per year.  Not only did this save considerable energy expense but also reduced their consumption enough to avoid additional demand charges.


For Keene Chrysler Plymouth, LED Lighting brought pride back to their outdoor American Flag.

Keene Chrysler Plymouth has had the best flag in Cheshire County for years and they are very proud of it, however, the old 1000 watts lights did nothing to showcase it at night.  400 watts of specially designed LED lights make that flag glow like it was being lit by … “The rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air”  instilling great pride in the owners and employees as well as the community. That is how LED lights changed their business.