Power To The People

Today there are two key groups involved with solid-state lighting upgrades.  The providers of Luminaires and the People.  All people.  Because all people use artificial light. 

The power in lighting is now, more than ever before, in the hands of the people. Most of the time we don’t care about lighting and luminaires.  In fact, it is way down on our list of things that we care about to help make our life better.  Because that is what we really care about the most; a better life for ourselves and others.

But few people understand light and how it can make their life better. Even more important only a few people are involved in the decision of what type and quality of light people will live and work under. If you are receiving this email you are one of those people.

At the onset of upgrade planning, few will grasp what lighting can mean today.  Few understand that modern lighting is so technically different from old lighting that it will greatly impact our lives. We understand this at LFL.  We work every day under lighting that is tuned to natural human rhythms. 

In some rooms our lights are custom tuned to automatically change from warm to cool and back to warm, mimicking the sun, if the user in that room thinks that is best. Users can tune the automatic change in color temps to fit their preference. In other areas the user changes the light temperature manually during the day. For example, the system gives the user control to jump to a quick bright cool light for an afternoon pick me up or ending the day in a relaxing warm state of mind. 

All LFL lights are connected with BLE Mesh, are tunable and operate from an easy to use app on a smart phone so this happens right from their desk, or from their car, or from home if they want. Soon we will be doing it from our watch. We don’t do it now, but we could track these changes and the actual energy usage of any area we so choose.   I am here to tell you this is a very simple foolproof system that does not crash, does not get hacked and does not require much thought. And, it pays for itself quickly.

One thing the people do understand about modern lighting is it uses a lot less energy.  We all love that benefit both from saving money and from the perspective of supporting an efficient use of our environment. No waste in energy and these new light sources seem to last forever.

Whether you are the decision maker involved with lighting, or you support the decision maker it’s your responsibility to understand modern light.  Either by researching on your own or seeking the advice of professionals (feel free to email us anytime) the ball will ultimately be in your court to contribute information to the new environment that will soon be created at your facility. The final decision will impact your business for many years to come.

If we can influence your decision, we want you to understand what we feel is the number one criterion.  It’s not about the fixture, its about the light.  It’s about creating the best ambient natural light conditions in your facility. Invest your money in the light technology and the control of it.

People never forget how you make them feel. Ever wonder why in large organizations people tend to take an “it is what it is” attitude and seldom strive to improve? It has to do, in part, with how they feel.  This applies to students in classrooms, to workers in offices, to manufacturing people, to healthcare professionals and to shoppers in retail environments. Studies continue to show time and time again that light has the most significant passive impact on people than we ever previously knew.

Let’s get right down to what can be done now.  You probably want a lot more information before investing in a networked controlled lighting system and we are glad to provide that. 

But first why not get a good feel for this system by doing a small installation at a targeted place in your facility so all can see and feel the benefits as you learn the system. Perhaps you have a maintenance budget that has room for a small expenditure for sampling a new product.  We can install a BLE Mesh system in an office space for a couple hundred dollars.  If we provide a quote for the entire facility and you are actively considering an upgrade, we will do a BLE Mesh test install for no cost.

As we travel along the journey of understanding light in a new way, we are challenged by understanding all that is going on.  We are wary to make a decision and find out later it was the wrong one. We know you cannot waste money, and you want to be sure of your final decision and have as many others buy into as possible.  At LFL we get that. We also stand behind what we say.  Including LFL in your lighting upgrade plans guarantees that you will not make the wrong decision.  We stand behind what we say and do.  Our warranty guarantees that you will be satisfied with your new lighting system and that it will serve your needs for years to come.

Contact us now, expand your vision and expand the Power of the People in your organization.