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Partners work together to accomplish similar and common goals with mutual benefits.

If you have multiple locations or very large projects, we have a construction management program where we work very closely with your team.  This program reduces final cost significantly so that investment cost is no longer a factor for solid state LED lighting upgrades. After all, if the cost to do the project is returned in less than a year, possibly even in six months why would you hesitate?

As a consulting partner looking to guide you in getting the best for the least LFL is at the top of the heap.  From 1,000 sf to 500,000sf facilities we consistently have provided the best. Our warranty alone is the best in the industry.

In the lighting industry, utility companies often create relationships with lighting contractors, sometimes referred to as partners, to encourage more energy efficient improvements in lighting, heating, cooling, insulation and so on to reduce energy consumption throughout their market. These utility partners do not focus on lighting alone. They offer you multiple services because of the relationship with the utility. It’s in the utilities best interest to get you to upgrade everything, even though that may not be best for you.

Partnering with SSL experts will achieve the greatest results for your firm.
Partnering with SSL experts will achieve the greatest results for your firm.

Utility partners are partners with the utility to accomplish common goals to benefit THEM. LFL will be a partner with YOU, the end user, to realize common goals.

Considering the investment to be made in solid state lighting having a professional focused on just lighting is to your advantage.

Here is the best way to upgrade your lighting:  Work with a company like Lumens For Less, Inc. and get quotes for the newest proven products that will serve you for 10 years or more and be forward compatible with the growing IoT technology like BLE Mesh. Lumens For Less, Inc. has submitted quotes lower than “utility partners” for every single project we have quoted!

We are confident when we say we can give you a better product for less money and our experience and satisfied customer base proves this.

Contact us.  We’ll set up a meeting and give you all the details. And in a few months your team will experience a new environment that will make them healthier and happier and improve the company’s efficiency in ways that you have not seen before.