Immediate Reaction to Changing Environments

People have an immediate reaction to a changed environment.  If you change the old technology lights at your facility to the newest generation of LED lighting, you will see an immediate and positive reaction from your team.

People working under new tunable solid-state lighting react by being more energetic, more focused and generally a little happier.  In this reaction takes place the very first day they spend in this new environment.

And within a week or two your people will begin realizing that they are feeling different during the day.  More in some, less in others, depending on their exposure to artificial light during their waking hours.  But at work during the day they will be alert and energetic and before quitting time they will be relaxed and stress free. It’s a natural reaction that has been documented throughout the lighting industry now.  Key people working on specific tasks that requires they be close to good lighting will improve accuracy by a measurable amount.

Accept these facts as the gospel of tunable solid-state lighting and you make the first step in planning a dramatic change to your day to day operations.  When a company like CBRE invests in extensive studies to see if these facts are true and issue a report that says exactly what we are saying here that should be enough evidence to believe it.

The next step is to engage a professional that can discuss tunable networked lighting systems.  The best systems cost less than the cheaper quick tube replacement options.  The best systems align your company to harvest future savings and benefits that you are probably not even planning currently.  Say for example, in couple years you need to track temperature in a certain area over a period.  Easy with a networked lighting system.  Or maybe your team will need to track an activity to understand where bottle necks are occurring.  Easy with a Networked lighting system.

Industry forecasts say that we can expect a significant increase in large facilities converting to solid state lighting throughout the USA.  Economics and the performance of today’s lighting is in position to meet this demand.  This threshold that we are at is similar to the same threshold in 2012 when facilities, and municipalities started converting their exterior lights to LED.  That market is about 75% converted in the US today.

During the period from 2012 to 2018 the LED industry has matured considerably. It used to be that you had to decide what color temperature you want your lights to be. Do I choose 5000K, 4000K or 3000K?  Whatever your choice you had to live with it.

Today if you choose the leading generation of lighting you can adjust color temperature to whatever setting you prefer and change it whenever you want……from wherever you want! Networked controlled, tunable lighting systems, now at the leading edge of solid-state lighting is the first-time interior light can mimic natural sunlight.  Speaking of natural sunlight ask your employees would they rather work under the inconsistent fluorescent light they are working under today or would they prefer natural sunlight. Talk about a 100% same response survey.  Tunable systems mimic natural sunlight.

We encourage all businesses to engage in a lighting upgrade during this darker period of the year.  Waiting costs money, it costs in less than optimum employee performance. No sense in waiting for your employees to feel better and enjoy a better life when you can make that happen quickly.

A meeting with the team from Lumens For Less is the next best step to discuss a design, reviewing the energy savings, incentive rebates and tax advantages.