Facility Managers and C-level Execs Struggle with Interior LED lighting Upgrades

You may have noticed this conundrum at your company.

 The Facility Manger is the person best suited to understand the need for new lighting as so often their people are working on lighting maintenance. Or in some cases ignoring it. The best facility mangers are so focused on the physical plant that they know off hand, which areas need attention to lighting to allow for better worker flow, general maintenance and to further enhance company pride in maintaining the buildings in tip top condition.

With all the demands on the CEO it is easy for them to see a need for the companies’ resources in a direction other than lighting. Like investing in the business to create more capacity or to get more jobs and contracts. The CEO is always thinking about expanding operations. He relies on his team to guide him in the right direction. And if the team is putting lighting to the back burner they don’t understand the implications and are letting the company down.

The CFO typically sees the immediate value in a solid-state lighting upgrade because of the significant savings that go right to the profitability of the company.  Sometimes the CFO will get wrapped up in the payback period analysis or tasking the team to find the best possible deal. And seldom do they believe the projected payback period and savings because by nature they are skeptical. In the long run it doesn’t matter.  And with a networked lighting system the savings will be on the average 47% greater than just a typical LED upgrade.

The financial benefit the business realizes with a networked lighting upgrade speaks for itself. It is puzzling when you see the decision makers wait to upgrade, sometimes a couple years go by in effect wasting the money that should have been used for the upgrade but instead went to the utility.

The wise COO wants the lights upgraded as soon as possible because anything that can be done to the plant to improve operations and the never-ending challenge of getting the most efficiency from employees is always at the forefront of the COO thought process. The COO understands that success lies in getting the team to organize better, make fewer mistakes, improve accuracy in inventory management or correct attendance issues. These improvements all start with better lighting.

From where we sit these key people should give very little thought to the decision to upgrade and improve lighting.  It should be almost automatic given today’s available technology and great pricing. If you are installing a networked lighting system and payback is under two years and the warranty is good, you have it all.

Lighting upgrades do not require the use of funds needed in other areas since there are multiple ways to cover the cost for the 1-2 years the funds are needed. And then at an ever-decreasing amount as savings go back into the company coffers each month.

Some companies task their resource team to find the proper lighting for the company.  I can’t see how the typical purchasing department can determine which is the right light to buy.  It has taken us years to be experts in lighting and if we didn’t constantly review new technology we could not stand behind what we install.  We would not even know which products to use. Off the shelf LED lighting is not the best option for long term success of a business.

In the past year, those listening have learned so much about lighting, what it means to people and what it can mean to a business that successful companies consider lighting upgrades a must.  Those that do a simple change of fluorescent tubes to LED tubes have not done an upgrade but have just changed bulbs.  This saves some money and is not a bad idea but by doing this they have stranded future potential savings. Savings that today’s managers can realize with an affordable networked lighting system.

Executives should understand the opportunity, seek advice from professionals, set the criteria they wish to achieve and get the ball rolling. Every month you wait the more you lose.

Lighting experts, energy providers, manufacturers and contractors are standing by ready to bring your facilities into the 21st century with a plan that works for you.

From the energy savings standpoint it’s time to harvest this low hanging fruit not only to save money but to contribute to a better environment and waste less energy.

It’s not about the cost, it’s about the savings and improved ambient working conditions. Act now and disrupt the inefficient and unhealthy environment that is impacting your business more than you may understand.

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