Confused with all this talk of Circadian Lighting?

Consider these Insights

If you are involved with lighting at your place of work and are hearing about new opportunities in Human Centric Lighting or Circadian lighting, then you are learning about a new paradigm in lighting.

The fact is everyone is involved with lighting in any facility because probably most of your waking hours are spent under artificial lights at work. Especially in the months with shorter days.

One thing we are all clear on is that during the winter months we experience different feelings.  We seem to be more susceptible to fatigue and illness. We don’t seem to get enough sleep.  We experience the malady referred to as cabin fever.

As we begin to experience a new paradigm in artificial light that has emerged because of the development of solid-state lighting technology we can now address and eliminate the problems created by artificial light. A solution now exists for a problem we didn’t even know we had just a few years ago.

To understand Circadian light simply consider the sun.  For thousands of years our biological systems and our DNA developed under natural sunlight and darkness. Then about 100 years ago artificial light began to illuminate our lives. 75 years ago, artificial light became dominant in our lives.  This was great because it supported the industrial and technology revolution, economic growth and created a new level of safety and security for society.  Life got better and life expectancy increased dramatically during this time.  So, who would think that artificial light could be bad?

About 20 years ago scientist began understanding light and exactly how it impacts humans at molecular and cellular level. A greater understanding of the rods and comes and ganglion cells in our eyes emerged.  We knew we could get sunburns and that UV light is both good and bad (talk about confusing) but we didn’t really understand circadian impact on our health and well-being.  Today there is significant proof that we need light at certain wavelengths for health and well-being.  Happiness is created when we are exposed to the right light. Ever see an unhappy person at the beach?

Enter 2019 and emerging market for Human Centric Light.  You will find a lot of discussions about what is the perfect color temperature to support good circadian rhythms and the proper control of melatonin production in your body.  You will find many articles talking about things like circadian stimulus, blue light exposure, flicker, total lumen exposure and more.  Dig as deep as you want to find answers to your personal questions and desire to increase your knowledge of lighting. But in the end consider this:

If you are planning to upgrade your lighting look for something that can mimic the illumination of the sun throughout the day. 

With LumenMesh we try to make this process as simple as can be.  Your next step to upgrade your lighting can and should be the last time you ever have to make a lighting change for many years. Today’s newest generation of solid-state lighting will last for 100,000 hours or more.  Think about how many days that will be.

You should expect a light purchase today to be an investment.  An investment with both trackable financial returns (tunable SSL uses a lot less electricity than traditional lighting) and physical and emotionally satisfying returns that show up in your day to day efficiency at work as well as more time with creative impulses and general peace of mind.

The initial investment for a tunable lighting system with a protocol like Bluetooth Mesh can appear to be expensive to some.  If you are driven by “how can I fix my lighting for the least possible cost” you are going to have to compromise and in the long run, you will spend more than if you embrace the right technology now. If you understand that a human centric mesh system offers so much more than just illumination, then the investment will be insignificant and well worth it. The flurry of LED lighting changes over the last few years based on the energy savings alone is no longer the impetus to drive lighting upgrades. Today, wise decision makers are considering the new paradigm.

LumenMesh is a tunable wireless lighting system. We offer it because we know that is the best investment with the greatest returns and the most beneficial human lighting available.  Using LumenMesh Bluetooth wireless tunable lighting you create an almost perfect lighting experience for human happiness and well-being.

Think of light that matches the daily changing color temperatures of the Sun….. from sunrise to sunset. Think of light that you program to meet your daily activity cycles…no need to ever touch a switch. Maybe your schedule requires two sunrises a day. Think of light that you can monitor from wherever you are. Think of how much better things would be at your place of work if the lighting was doing it all it could to make you feel healthy.

Think of LumenMesh – a Tunable Bluetooth Low Energy Lighting Network. The perfect definition of “Peace of Mind”.

Contact Lumens For Less now and we will be glad to discuss our system and show you what it can do for your business now and for many years to come.