As a team of Philips Certified LED Professionals we are flexible and deliver innovative solutions tailored to the needs of our customers. Our expertise in installing Solid State LED lighting is quite comprehensive and comes with the precision and knowledge developed over many years of installing LED lighting solutions, ranging from small LED bulb installations to installing more than 15000 LED luminaires at commercial sites and offices. Our Philips Certified LED Professionals are responsible, reliable, knowledgeable and highly approachable. Anytime and all the time!
Who we are

Lumens For Less is a solid state lighting business offering lighting design, specification and installation of solid state lighting with LED lights.  Located in Keene NH we service all of New England, New York, PA and have even supplied projects to VA. 

Our efforts are focused 100% on LED lighting.  Both supplying luminaires for new construction and retrofitting existing warehouses, retail stores, manufacturing facilities, hospitals, car dealerships, office buildings and more. 

When we first investigated the LED lighting business in 2011 a few things became obvious: 

  1. All lighting in the USA someday would be LED lighting 

  1. LED lighting is very technical and requires a commitment to learn the specifics  

  1. There are many suppliers of LED lighting 

  1. China is the primary source of all LED luminaires 

  1. LED Luminaires are expensive 

  1. Buyers will need to be educated on the LED lights before they buy them 

We decided to commit our resources to the Lighting Industry and build a company that would be committed to customer satisfaction by becoming experts in the technology, offering the best and newest products available for the least possible cost and by offering a complete package from design through warranty. 

This philosophy has worked well for us and our customers.  We are partnered with some of the best suppliers in the world, offering the newest generation of LED lighting in our proposals and stand behind our products 100%.  Typically we have the lowest pricing and the highest utility incentive on our proposals. Which means that our customers are getting the best for the least. 

In 2013 the Lumens Forever Team completed the Philips Lighting Academy solid state lighting courses and are Philips Certified LED Professionals. We are required to re-certify every two years.  As PCLEDP we are required to understand LED lighting options, control systems, how to design a facility with LED lighting, the status of various technology developments as well as the history of solid state lighting. 

By attending trade shows and educational seminars regularly we keep up to date on what is working and what isn’t.  We review case studies of installed projects and the products that were used. Networking is good in the lighting industry and our trade memberships are a regular source for news on industry activity.  In 2017 we attended the International Lighting show in Philadelphia PA and will be attending the Horticulture Industry Lighting seminar in Denver CO this fall. 

Lumens For Less is a family owned business operated by Paul Dubriske, President, Chris Dubriske VP, Adam Dubriske, Director of Operations and Jason Swift, Director of Wholesale and Products 

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