Newest Generation of LED Lighting
Can a light help change your business?

For the Fenton Family Dealerships LED lighting not only improved illumination in their Sales lots thereby increasing secure night time shopping it helped stop after hours theft saving thousands of dollar in replacing stolen tires and wheels.

Quiet Logistics in Devens MA contracted Lumens For Less to install new lighting in their 435,000 sf facility.

For Keene Chrysler Plymouth, LED Lighting
brought pride back to their outdoor
American Flag.

Here are ways LED Lighting Changed
Philips Certified LED Professionals

The challenging decision to convert your facility to modern lighting technology will involve many key players. The Philips Certified LED Professionals at Lumens for Less, Inc. offer expertise, experience and a commitment to guide you through the process. We want to be one of your key players. The key players are the managers in the business that offer a strategic and discerning view to the growth of the business, the profitability and the going concern concept. A modern lighting upgrade in your business facility with the newest generation of LED luminaires and wireless controls, as offered by Lumens For Less, is a step that encompass many aspects of your business and influences many people. Energy savings, balanced and tuned lighting, comfort and pride in ownership are results you can expect.

Complimentary Lighting Analysis

Lumens will come to your place of business and analyze your existing lighting to help us provide you with the best lighting possible, achieving our guarantee of “No Dark Spots.” We are not looking to simply replace existing fluorescent tubes with LEDs, we are your lighting specialists and will work with you to upgrade your existing lighting to provide the impact that will make you and your customers say “WOW!” This may include: replacing existing fixtures with brand new LED luminaries, adding new fixtures to achieve the desired foot candles necessary or designing an entirely new fixture that will specifically meet the needs of your business. At the completion of our visit we will provide you with a complete lighting analysis at no charge to you. This analysis will help define your costs, your energy savings and recap the payback realized from your investment in the newest generation of lighting.

How To Choose The Right Luminaires

If you are considering a solid state lighting upgrade for your business and have decided to do some research on what products to use you may be overwhelmed with the options.

They may all look pretty much the same to you so you are thinking that all you need do is decide what wattage you need and how much you will need to spend.

Wait a minute, “What wattage do I need?”  is a tough question to answer. 

“How much will I spend” requires a lot of figuring to get a true meaningful number.

Maybe you will find some companies that will say their 200w fixture is equal to a 400w metal halide in light output.  Or maybe you are looking at page after page of technical specifications telling you how many foot candles the light emits.  Or maybe somebody is offering an LED fixture that looks a lot like your existing old technology fixture.Even worse is to consider just replacing the lighti ...Read More

How to Choose a Professional Lighting Consultant to Upgrade your Business to Solid State Lighting
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