Modern Lighting

Lumens For Less is your home for the newest generation of Solid State Lighting and controls to make your facility a modern, state of the art showcase that will help attract top customers and employees alike

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See how lighting changed these businesses

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Bluetooth Mesh

Bluetooth Mesh is revolutionizing all things business.  See how this new control system can dramatically improve efficiency at your company.

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Philips Certified LED Professionals

The challenging decision to convert your facility to modern lighting technology will involve many key players. The Philips Certified LED Professionals at Lumens for Less, Inc. offer expertise, experience and a commitment to guide you through the process. We want to be one of your key players. The key players are the managers in the business that offer a strategic and discerning view to the growth of the business, the profitability and the going concern concept. A modern lighting upgrade in your business facility with the newest generation of LED luminaires and wireless controls, as offered by Lumens For Less, is a step that will encompass many aspects of your business and have an impact on many people. Energy savings, balanced and tuned lighting, comfort and pride in ownership are results you can expect.

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Lumens For Less is participating member in the Bluetooth Community
Lumens For Less is participating member in the Bluetooth Community

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